2019 Epoxy flooring color trends

Choosing the color and style of your epoxy flooring is a crucial decision. The color that you select for your Michigan epoxy flooring will complete the aesthetic of your building interior. Different colors and styles can have various impacts on customer and client perception. You need to look at the latest color trends on the market today and find the right commercial flooring solutions for your business property.

Color Flakes

Color flakes are an ideal option for your commercial or residential property. This flooring color trend has grown in popularity due to the incredible level of customization it provides. Polymer Color flakes are favored by architects, designers, consumers and contractors due to unique qualities that guarantee your flooring looks incredible. Choose from a massive selection of textures, sizes, and styles. Blend different colors together to create a truly individual flooring option. Choose from 150 styles of colors and an unlimited choice of blends.

Often referred to as vinyl color flakes, chips or fleck, use this flooring solution to add to the aesthetic of resin-based flooring systems. Completely random in shape, this flooring can look incredible in any building or commercial property.

You will gain many benefits with this flooring solution including a low level of noise due to the noise deadening qualities. Get great cost-savings with this choice of flooring and benefit from a safe, sanitary option that is completely non-flammable.

Buyers can’t resist the chance to create a completely individual color blend that matches their company style perfectly with this color trend.

Color Granules

Commonly labeled colored quartz or aggregate, color granules provide perfect, uniformly shaped, granules. These graded quartz granules are coated in color using a highly sophisticated resin system and high-quality colorfast pigments.

If you need a high quality, durable commercial flooring solution, suitable for a wide range of different environments and industrial settings, color granules are the ideal option. Colorfast pigments ensure that this flooring has the ultimate level of durability and is highly resistant to the harshest elements and extreme chemicals as well as UV rays. As well as this, the floor offers optimum slip resistance, ensuring you can put safety first while still getting an incredible aesthetic in your business property.

Choose from more than forty solid unicolor selections. Blend, mix and customize this style of flooring to make sure that it fits perfectly with any decor style. This flooring provides everything you need in an industrial setting with extreme resistance to abrasion and high levels of resistance to a variety of chemicals. This floor will look incredible, regardless of where you’re using it, from commercial kitchens to bars or even pharmaceutical plants. Use this flooring solution in any setting, and it will not disappoint, making it the perfect choice for a 2019 upgrade to any business property. Mix and match different colors and blends to find the perfect shade and style for you with this flooring solution.

Color Micas

Made from a selection of sheet silicate minerals, these incredible metal flakes will make your flooring sparkle and shine with a stunning crystalline aesthetic. Mica contains biotite, clintonite, muscovite and various other natural minerals. Hexagonal atom arrangements are divided into sheet pieces, broken into flakes of standard sizes. The main advantage of this system is the incredible soft metallic glow that will make your business floor look absolutely incredible.

Color micas will also ensure that your flooring has optimum resistance to chemicals and UV stability. Highly resilient this flooring is durable and will be suitable for use in spas, casinos, banks, and lavatories. Countless blending options guarantee that you can find a great choice from 6 unicolor-styles to make sure your property looks elegant and is styled to match your business needs.

Color Pigments

Give your business property a beautiful, bright, reflective interior with this one of the best commercial flooring solutions Michigan company owners can invest in. This flooring looks pearlescent while providing the aesthetic of stone and rock formations built into the floor and is created from mica nanoparticles that are coated in a range of pigments.

As well as being completely customizable, this flooring is ideally suited for an artisan setting due to the stylish, unique color scheme. A gorgeous glowing floor is sure to impress customers and the easy installation ensures this is a cost-saving choice for your company. This flooring solution is suitable for a range of commercial settings that need to appeal to customers including country clubs, restaurants, retail stores and many more.

Choose one of these epoxy flooring color trends for your business in 2019, and you are guaranteed to be impressed with the results they provide.