Cabinet Refinishing FAQ

Q- What is the longevity of refinished cabinets?

  1. The products we use bond directly to your cabinets to give you a factory like finish that will last 10+

years of normal wear and tear.

Q- Do you use Latex or oil-based paint?

  1. Absolutely NOT! We only use a 2-part catalyst that dries harder than a latex or oil-based paint and is designed to withstand scratching, peeling, blistering, or fading of the color.

Q- How long does it take?

  1. Our 6-step process takes 5-14 days depending on the size of your kitchen and the species of wood your cabinets are made of.

Q- How durable will my cabinets be?

  1. Our product will not scratch, dent, peel, blister or fade with normal wear and tear.

Q- Do I have to empty my cabinets and drawers?

  1. You do not have to empty the actual cabinets, but the drawers will have to be emptied prior to our arrival.

Q- Why are prices so diverse?

  1. Some people/companies will use trim paint or inferior products and skip the important preparation steps that give our customers the longevity and durability we offer. Some will even want to paint your cabinets in your garage or home which is not the correct way to complete a cabinet project.

Q- Why do you take the doors and drawers?

  1. The doors and drawers need to be properly degreased and deglazed, completely sanded down, filled, and caulked, primed and top coated in a controlled dust free environment.

Q- Why do they need time to cure?

  1. The product we use needs 1-2 days to cure before we are able to wrap and deliver them for installation.

Q- Do you install new hinges and hardware?

  1. Absolutely we recommend installing new hinges and hardware to match your updated cabinets and complete your look. Please consult your estimator or project manager to review your options.

Q- Can I have an accent color?

  1. Absolutely! Cabinet accents are the new trend and will give your kitchen a pop of color.

Q- What colors can I use?

  1. You can pick any color you can find! Possibilities are endless!

Q- Does the paint you use have VOC’s and will I have to leave my home while you paint?

  1. The products we use inside your home are Zero VOC’s and will not harm you or anyone in your home. They are top of the line and will not make anyone sick.

Q- What is the cost of refinishing my cabinets?

  1. The cost of your cabinet project will vary depending on the species of wood you have, number of colors you would like, size of your project, and hardware you would like to have installed. You can complete our online cabinet refinishing quote to receive your customized quote right from your home.

Q- Do you have any samples?

  1. Absolutely! Please contact our office for color or sample questions and we will gladly help.

(586) 465-0867