Part of the maintenance on the exterior of your home is regular deck staining. To prolong the life of your wood and keep your deck looking great you should have your deck stained every 2-3 years and power washed or cleaned every year. Maintaining your deck and patio area has a huge effect on the resale value of your home. Many DIYers will try to complete deck staining and maintenance themselves however without the experience and knowledge of a professional this time and effort may make matters worse for your deck. Deck staining seems like it is a simple process however there are many obstacles that may come your way when dealing with weathered wood decks. Hiring a professional is the sure way to avoid these obstacles, save time and have longer lasting results.

Choosing the correct product to use on your wood is a pivotal decision when staining or re-staining a deck. Anyone can go to Home Depot and choose a deck stain and paint it on with a paint brush but choosing the correct coating will depend on several factors such as age, condition, species of wood and more. Hiring Top Shelf Painting will take all the guesswork out of this process for you. All we will need you to do is simply choose a color from our more than 3500 color choices.

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Preparation is the first step in any surface coating project to ensure a flawless finish. Step one in preparing a deck for staining is always power washing the surface to determine if further cleaning, stripping, or sanding is necessary. Next will be repairing any damaged wood by patching or replacing any pieces that contain deep cracks, holes, mold, or rot. Failing to repair the wood will not give you a lasting finish and may cover weak wood and create a safety hazard when walking on your deck. Once the necessary repairs are complete it is time for coating your deck properly with the correct product and technique. Many decks will need the coating to be sprayed for an even consistency in color and complete coverage. Using a brush or roller on some decks can create drips, brush marks and uneven blotchy finish. Calling in a professional can save you time, money, effort, and stress when it comes to wanting a consistent smooth finish on your deck.

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