As a business, customer service is our absolute #1 priority. From the initial appointment all the way to job completion our customers will have a friendly & professional relationship with us. Our customers trust us in their home, so we take pride in establishing a professional level of trust with our customers. Throughout the job there are several steps that need to be taken to achieve the highest quality results, and our team is there to explain every step to ensure our customers have peace of mind in knowing the final product will be something that either meets or exceeds their expectations.

Interior Painting Process

Whether you hire us, or want to try your hand at painting an interior surface, following out process is the best way to get the results you desire.  Why worry about following all the steps required when we have talented, experienced painters that can complete your interior painting job to the highest standard?  This is the process we follow on all our interior painting projects to ensure each one meets our high standards.


All furniture and blinds need to be removed away from the painting surface. You can elect to have us do this for you or you can save a little money and remove them yourself prior to us arriving at your home.

furniture 1


Any surface that will not be painted will be covered or masked off before the project.  Plastic will cover any furniture or floors to eliminate the possibility of damage. Additionally all flooring that meets the walls or mouldings will be papered and taped to ensure no paint will leak onto the surface. All glass will be masked as well as any trim or wood that will not be painted to ensure a clean line and no leakage. Any switch plate covers are then removed and the switches/plugs are taped to avoid any paint getting on them.



Any existing holes, cracks or missing texture will be repaired in the drywall before the painting process begins. This is an important step to ensure a seamless finished paint job.



The surface must be clean and dry before beginning any painting. We will wipe down all surfaces to ensure proper paint adhesion. If there is oil, grease or residue remaining an oil based primer may be necessary to ensure a proper finished look.


Any cracks around baseboards, windows or doors will be re-caulked if necessary to fill in any cracks or gaps in wood.

IMG_20180418_112149124 (1)

Scraping and Sanding

All loose paint will be scraped away and surfaces sanded where needed before we begin painting. A smooth surface is necessary to avoid any drips, flashing or inconsistency in the paint.

We pole sand all drywall (ceiling and walls) prior to painting to remove any debris remaining from previous paint job.


As mentioned earlier any walls or surfaces with oil or residue will be primed with an oil primer to ensure proper adhesion to the surface. Additionally any previously completed drywall repairs will also be primed prior to any painting.

priming 1

Cutting In

Painting the edges and "cutting in" takes skill and experience to do it right. Our process uses slow long strokes to get the best results.

cutting in


All coverings and masking will be removed by our crews once the painting is completed.  No mess will be left behind from our crews. All switch plate covers and lighting will be reinstalled (we recommend all home owners replace plate covers to ensure a clean look once your project is completed).


Every completed interior painting project is inspected for quality by the foreman of the crew before completing the final walk through with the home owner. Once the final walk through is completed we will offer a customer survey and completion sign off that you are satisfied with your project completion and our company.

inspection 1
inspection 2
inspection 3

Leave The Details To Us!

Skipping even one step in this process can leave you with an inferior painting project. Our crews follow every detail of this process to the letter, using top quality equipment and paint with proven techniques for a flawless finish.  For your next painting project, leave the details to us for a perfect surface every time.

Our Exterior Painting Process

Creating an exterior painting surface that will look fantastic and withstand the harsh Michigan winters and all of the elements that mother nature throws at us requires adherence to a strict set of guidelines.  At Top Shelf Painting we have perfected our process and execute it to the letter at each exterior painting project we complete. Our expert crews follow the precise method we have developed that is combined with high quality products and specialized techniques to ensure every exterior painting project meets our high quality standards and exceeds our customer's satisfaction. This is how we are able to offer each and every customer our Top Shelf Painting guarantee.

Power Washing

A quality exterior paint job requires a clean surface. We power wash every exterior to remove loose paint, debris and dirt to ensure a durable, long lasting finish.  This is one of the most important steps in beginning the exterior painting process.  Many painting companies will skip this step to save time however not properly power washing your home can lead to premature peeling and cracking of the paint as well as lack of a smooth even surface. Remember when painting the prep is the MOST important step.

power washing


Raking dirt away from the exterior walls and foundation of your home is critical to ensure the paint goes below the ground surface. Trenching is completed on every exterior painting project to apply paint below the grade. **This is one of the many reasons we are unable to paint exteriors once the weather changes and reaches a low of 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Masking and Taping

Windows and trim that will not be painted are always masked off to protect the surfaces from paint over-sprays and drips.  All exterior decking, pavers, bushes etc. are covered with tarps to further avoid any unwanted over-spray or paint drips.



We use special coating that waterproofs the foundation (if needed). This primer prevents peeling from moisture, which is common on moisture-rich foundations.


Any leftover peeling paint after the power wash is hand scraped away to create the smooth surface ideal for a flawless finish.  To avoid flashing or uneven paint this is a crucial step in the preparation process.



Any drywall on patio's or stucco texture that needs repair is completed before the painting begins. If there is rotten wood on windows or trim that is also cut out and replaced.

ext repair


All cracks or gaps around windows, doors and facia are caulked to seal the area. If there are gaps in gutters those are also caulked to avoid moisture damage. Sealing the wood is crucial to ensuring there is a moisture barrier between your home and the paint. Moisture is the most common reason exterior paint fails.


Every exterior has a primer applied prior to the paint being applied this will create an adhesive surface. Some homes require a special product called Peel Bond to eliminate the ability of peeling of the paint for higher moisture content surfaces. This step is VITAL for the long lasting result of an exterior paint project.



For excellent coverage, we apply paint both horizontally and vertically. If your contract specifies we may also back roll or spray the coating. All exterior paint projects receive 2 coats of paint which ensures even and full coverage. Some companies will apply 1 coat of paint to save time and money however this may result in a transparent coat of paint.


We precisely apply 2 coats of specialized trim paint for the best result. This is done either with a sprayer or by hand if necessary.

Garage and Entry Doors

All doors are sprayed for a smooth flawless finish with 2 coats of high quality paint.

garage door1
garage door2

Metal Surfaces

Any metal surfaces or accents (such as gutters) that need paint are done last using precise painting techniques.

Clean Up

Our crews never leave a mess behind.  All coverings, tarps, masking, paint chips or other debris are removed once the project is completed.


Every completed exterior painting project is inspected for quality by the foreman of the crew before completing the final walk around with the home owner. Once the final walk around is completed we will offer a customer survey and completion sign off that you are satisfied with your project completion and our company.

inspection 5
inspection 6

Trust US for your exterior painting project!

Exterior painting is time consuming and requires attention to detail to ensure the highest quality long lasting results. You can trust Top Shelf Painting to meet and exceed your standard and expectations.  With our precision based exterior painting process your exterior painting project will have a smooth lasting finish for years to come.