If you hate the look of your brick or need to update your home brick mineral painting is for you! It is an amazing product when applied correctly will make your brick stand out and completely change the look of your home. Brick mineral paint is an Italian designed paint technology that has a similar molecular structure to that of brick.  It is UV and mold resistant and comes with a 20-year chipping and peeling guarantee!  Give your home this customized stone look that will ensure a long-lasting, low maintenance exterior for years to come.

Mineral paint is a cost-effective way to update the look of your exterior and increase the value of your home.  Available more than 3,200 colors this material and application process is a great low maintenance alternative to costly brick replacement or repairs.  Painting brick is permanent! Attempting to tackle this project on your own can have dire consequences that may not be able to be fixed.  Using conventional paint on brick will not last as it is not made to adhere or cover brick or cement block.



brick before


brick before after

Hiring the right professional with proper knowledge of the proper products and techniques is the most important decision when painting your brick. At Top Shelf Painting our professionals have a systemized process for mineral painting and we use only top of the line products when painting brick to ensure a flawless long-lasting finish. Proper preparation is key when coating any surface and is top priority when painting brick, don’t forget it is permanent. Repairing any cracks, separation or holes in the brick is next to give your brick an even surface for adhesion of the coating. A base coat is then added to the surface and given proper time to cure before the final topcoat is applied. Once dry you will have a flawless stone like finish and a complete transformation of your brick for years to come.