Exterior Warranty

If your paint color requires more than 2 coats of paint, there will be an additional charge for a third or fourth coat of paint. If customer changes original paint color and wants a new color after painting has ensured, there will be additional charges that apply for both materials and labor.

If additional wood replacement is necessary, homeowner will be contacted to approve additional costs for such items. All wood replacement is charged at a minimum of 8LF per piece of wood replaced. Unused wood can be left for homeowner upon request.

Top Shelf will provide a 5-year limited warranty on all exterior painting/staining projects unless otherwise stated (excluding decks). This warranty is non-transferable and will only apply to contracted customer.

All customers upgrading to Regal or Aura products will receive a 10-year limited warranty.

If customer is advised to upgrade due to color selection and declines, there is no warranty or guarantee against color fading, heat damage, or slight color variance.

Top Shelf is not responsible for heat damage or warping due to customer choosing non vinyl safe color.

Top Shelf cannot warranty any re-emergence of cracks, rot, or expansion in wood, siding, or masonry.  Cracks and rot will be properly repaired or replaced as indicated at the time of the job, but re-emergence of such cracks or additional rot caused by expansion, settlement, movement, or contraction are not covered in this warranty. Caulking is not covered under this warranty.  Wood windows are not covered under this warranty.

Top Shelf is not responsible for any damage due to previous coatings or staining on any surfaces that may fail under the coating Top Shelf has applied.  Top Shelf is not responsible for repairs that have been damaged by contaminations, or lack of maintenance.

Top Shelf is not responsible for any damaged trees, shrubs, grass etc. that is in the way of Top Shelf completing our job. Top Shelf is not responsible for any lawn furniture or anything else that is around the house that has not been moved by the homeowner. Top Shelf is not responsible for moving anything from the property, that is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Top Shelf is not responsible for any loose siding, vents, gutters, or downspouts etc. that are loose and may be damaged during power washing.

Top Shelf is not responsible for any damage to gutters that must be removed and replaced for project completion.