Many people choose to wait to paint the exterior of their home until there is noticable wood rot in many areas of the home. Wood rot on your home can be extremely dangerous and must be properly replaced and sealed as soon as possible. Replacing the rotten wood on your home can save your foundation from breaking down and save the wood around it from rotting as well. Rotten wood is caused by improper installation, clogged gutters, improper drainage or lack of sealing around the wood and can cause mold, critters and the elements to enter your home.

Choosing the right professional to complete your home’s wood replacement is pivital to the end result and will determine the longevity of the repairs. A properly trained, licensed contractor is the only way to ensure a long lasting like new finish. They must be able to identify the type of wood on your home and the proper way to remove the rotten areas to ensure no further damage is caused by the repair. Then they must be able to properly remove, replace, seal and coat the wood to ensure the repair will last. Many “painters” with a van and a ladder will claim they can complete projects involving wood replacement however ensuring there is proper insurance to cover any issues is a must when working with exterior wood replacement.

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At Top Shelf our fully trained staff can identify all rotten wood, properly cut the wood out of the home and replace with the proper species of wood that is required. Our initial estimator will walk around the exterior of your home to identify any obvoius rotten areas and include that replacement in your estimate. He may not be able to identify all areas during the initial estimate however when the painting crew arrives at your home after the powerwashing they will complete and additional more thourough inspection of the home to identify any other rot that may be harder to spot. If there are additional areas found you will be notified and the wood will be replaced while the crew is at your home. Once all rotten wood is identified it will be properly and safely removed from the home and replaced with carefully measured and cut wood that will be screwed and caulked in place. Once the wood is replaced and properly sealed it will be painted for a final coating of protection. Using the proper paint on your exterior will determine how often you will need to repeat the painting process to protect your exterior from rotten wood in the future. Exterior wood replacement is not a DIY project and must be handled by a professional to ensure a proper long lasting result. So if your exterior needs wood replacement you need to call Top Shelf.

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