Fireplace Remodel

Updating your fireplace can change the entire look and feel of your home. Whether you have stone, or brick on your fireplace, a remodel can save you thousands over replacing the structure. You can achieve an elegant and classy look in one day to update your living space.

With the new mineral paints that are available you can change the entire look of your fireplace without losing the natural stone look and texture. These products will never fade, chip, or peel as they are made from natural minerals that will adhere directly to the surface.

Take a look at these fireplace remodels we have recently completed.

You can choose any color mineral paint to remodel fireplace however white seems to be the most popular as of late. There is also the option to do a limestone effect that will give you a transparent finish rather than a solid color. Regardless of the color and finish you choose you must agree remodeling your fireplace can make a statement and give your living space the upgrade you deserve one a budget you can afford.