Understanding the Benefits of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

When you compare an epoxy floor to the average floor you see on a garage, the former is very professional looking and shiny. The appearance of an epoxy floor alone makes it seem like a pretty great idea to pick for flooring. The surface is both smooth and even, and very easy to maintain. All you have to do is sweep it or vacuum it regularly and it will be looking as shiny as the very first day it was installed. It has the great quality of not adhering to too many substances, which means you will rarely have to deal with some sticky substance on your floor that won’t come off. Cleaning those messes up will therefore be a very easy task.

So what are the advantages you will enjoy with epoxy flooring?
Here they are:

Epoxy Floors are affordable

Epoxy floors are highly affordable when compared to other options. They have a much lower cost per square foot, and that’s before you factor in the very low maintenance costs going forward. The beauty of epoxy is that you can install it over virtually any other kind of material, including concrete and tiles. That makes it highly affordable and easy to install. This is probably the single greatest advantage you can expect to enjoy with epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Floors are Resistant

This is one of those flooring types that you can count on to resist just about everything under the sun. Whether we’re talking cleansers, transmission fluid, bleach, gasoline, oil, or anything else, your epoxy floor will be able to stand it without showing a single scratch. That’s why it’s such a good idea to install an epoxy floor in a commercial space. You will find them in some of the toughest environments, including garages and automotive factories. But it doesn’t just end there. With an epoxy floor you can also expect very high resistance to heat and water, two common destroyers of floors. Epoxy is almost 100% impervious to water, heating, chemical spills, and any other kind of stress that might be exerted on the coating.

You will also find them commonly in food factories and medical facilities as this type of flooring is resistant to microbes. That makes it excellent for such facilities since it can easily be sanitized to keep the environment safe and healthy.


Epoxy Floors are Durable

Epoxy floors are well known for being some of the most durable floors on the market. They have a much longer lifespan than a variety of other flooring types. The only material out there that will last much longer than an epoxy floor is a concrete floor. However, with a concrete floor, in order to ensure that durability, you will need to seal it properly and maintain it.

At any rate, epoxy flooring needs concrete for application, so we would be taking something already good and making it substantially better. Epoxy is also pretty easy to roll out on cement without the need for either glue or mortar and has excellent anti-fatigue properties. Once you switch to epoxy, you can forget about getting another floor for a long time to come. This flooring will last for many decades if installed properly and won’t show a single crack or peel. For that reason, it is an excellent choice for industrial use or commercial use.

Epoxy Floors are Protective

Another major advantage of epoxy flooring is how protective it is. It will keep the underlying floor well sheltered from such things as cracks, grease, moisture, and various chemical stains. You can kiss your maintenance costs goodbye because all you have to deal with is the epoxy layer, which is extremely easy to clean. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about replacing the expensive flooring underneath as it is well protected. Epoxy floors are also a very safe option as they tend to reflect light, making them visible in dark spaces.

Epoxy Floors give you Variety

If you’re looking to decorate your floors, then you’ll enjoy what epoxy has to offer. It comes in a range of colors and features a sheen that is at once elegant, smooth, and flawless. You can also fashion your flooring into any patterns or designs that you fancy, which makes it a very economical decoration choice for your floor. If you’re looking to upgrade your floor from simple concrete to something a little more interesting without having to spend a pretty penny, then you will enjoy what epoxy has to offer.

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Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with epoxy flooring and should consider switching to it as soon as you can. Our company has 20 years of experience installing epoxy floors in all kinds of environments and would be glad to do it for you. We work around your schedule and have a penchant for fast and quiet work without disrupting the normal course of business at your venue. We can even work on weekends when employees are at home.

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