Why You Should Consider Epoxy Floors For Commercial Buildings

With commercial buildings in Michigan, it is good to apply a flooring solution that is ideal for high traffic hallways. You must match the material to the environment, use and traffic. Look at the long-term costs and select a high-quality epoxy flooring that will pay off by needing less maintenance or repair service. Very few people pay attention to flooring when constructing a commercial building in Michigan. However, the floor can appeal to business and inspire them to set up shop on your premises.

Epoxy floors act as a sealant for concrete floors. The coatings are useful on floors for Greater Detroit area commercial buildings, walkways, ceilings or on walls. Garage floors are also ideal places for installation. Many facilities have experienced the benefits of using epoxy flooring such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, laboratories, pharmaceutical buildings among others.


Concrete floors with epoxy coating last longer and are resistant to wear. Therefore, it saves you money and enables you to concentrate on managing your other business concerns.



The epoxy is converted into a solid polymer that makes it incredibly stronger and prevents chemical breakdown.


Saves time

Epoxy floors are easy to install. This means that you spend less time shutting down your production to do the installation work.


Low maintenance

Once the concrete floor has the epoxy coating, it no longer becomes porous as the sealant is easy to clean. The coating is waterproof and stain resistant. This increases the life of your floor.



The epoxy coating is available in different colors and patterns that comfortably fits into your building style.


Chemical resistant

Epoxy floor coating can survive even on continuous exposure to potent chemicals. The property makes it an ideal flooring choice for warehouses or manufacturing plants that handle different kinds of materials and chemicals on a daily basis.



The coatings are resistant to slippage, extreme impact, temperature, and fire. Maintaining the floor is easy. The floors reduce incidents of accidents in the building which makes your employees safer.



High gloss options for epoxy coatings are available and improve lighting conditions to a large extent because of reflection.


Reduces wear and tear

Epoxy flooring lowers your vehicle maintenance costs as it reduces wear and tear in the facility. The flooring is more forgiving on your machinery.



Epoxy floors are environmentally friendly as it reduces material usage. It is a good alternative to adding a new floor or making replacements because of vehicle damage.


Where should you use epoxy floors?

Epoxy floor coating works on all surfaces whether it is brand new concrete, old concrete or cracked concrete. The coating gave your floor a smooth, level and customized work platform which is affordable and convenient. Applications on commercial buildings include

Health and fitness centers – epoxy flooring is ideal for locker rooms, pool areas, courts, and bathrooms.
Rehabilitation and hospital facilities – the buildings benefit as the flooring makes it easy to clean and maintain a no-slip surface.
Restaurants – most restaurants use the epoxy coating to limit hazards and stains in the storage and kitchen areas.
Repair shops – repair shops use epoxy floors to prevent dangerous falls and oil buildup.
Technical companies – the companies love concrete epoxy coating because it repels dust and encourages a clean working environment.
Warehouses – epoxy flooring provides excellent design options for retail spaces. It is a good choice for inventory areas.


Types of epoxy floors


You can pick decorative floor coating that can withstand contact foot traffic and the weight of heavy cars. Consequently, choose a solid color, flake blends, quartz or metallic epoxy floor systems. A gorgeous finish can handle tear and wear as you continue to benefit from the eye-catching flooring that is both beautiful and unique.

Quartz epoxy floors offer extraordinary strength and impact resistance. It requires a roller, slurry, and broadcast. The innovative flake blend finish provides a high-end terrazzo at a lower cost with little maintenance with no waxing or special buffing.

Metallic epoxy floors can hide imperfections on the concrete surface. It gives the floor a gorgeous look with flowing pattern and unique symmetrical appearance which can withstand wear. The work requires little maintenance.

Epoxy flooring provides comfort in the room by creating a certain type of ambiance. It is ideal for showrooms where you want to impress. Th marble slate or mosaic porcelain pattern makes the room look comfortable and beautiful. Polished marble floors are both elegant and attractive. It prevents hazards like slippage in the hallways or high traffic areas.